Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Foodie Heaven

If, like me, the sight of any beautifully displayed food makes your mouth water, then Borough Market is definitely a place you need to visit.

It's the perfect opportunity to go on a taste-fest. From freshly baked bread, gooey jams, to freshly squeezed apple juice. Your taste buds will be tingling when you leave.

Over the weekend I spent there with friends in April we visited it at least 3 times...ending with a picnic with all our goodies in Hyde Park. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone.

Here is a few of the photo's I took whilst at Borough Market for your enjoyment. Try not to drool all over the keyboard ;)

And if you do get a chance to visit, make sure you go to Konditor & Cook for the best brownies I've ever tasted!! The Curly Whirly Brownie is incredibly amazing!


  1. I LOVE this place. It's too exciting though and you just end up over loading your self with food you can barely even carry, never mind eat. But it's worth it. I don't tend to even make it past the market before I start eating though, so I admire your strength at leaving it for a picnic!! x

  2. Haha it was pretty difficult not too. I love that place, there are so many things to try!

    You win my first comment award wooo! xx